Welcome to the Mill River Club.

It’s our pleasure to host you for what we hope will be a fun and memorable experience. There’s so much to do: Golf, tennis, swimming, dining. No matter which activities you plan, know that we strive to make it a day you will remember fondly. Above all, we hope you enjoy our diverse membership and family-friendly environment.

You might find the dress code information below to be helpful.


The following dress code has been adopted by Mill River Club committees and the Board of Governors to ensure that all members have a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy the club’s facilities and services.

Golf Course & Practice Facility

*Spikeless golf shoes are always required.

  • Full length trousers or Bermuda length shorts
  • Appropriate collared shirts
  • Shirts must be tucked into trousers/shorts
  • Hats must be worn facing forward
  • Denim jeans or shorts of any color are not permitted, as well as tennis or athletic shorts
  • Slacks, walking shorts or skirts designed for golf wear
  • Appropriate collar shirts and sleeves
  • Denim jeans or shorts of any color or style are not permitted

Tennis Facilities

  • Collared tennis shirts preferable, but may include collarless
  • Collared tennis shirts preferable, but may include collarless
  • Tennis shorts
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sleeveless or tennis tops
  • Sleeveless or tennis tops
  • Tennis shorts or skirts
  • Tennis shoes
  • Undershirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Work-out collarless tee shirts
  • Beachwear
  • Street sneakers

Swimming Pool

Ladies and Gentlemen shall wear swimming attire that exhibits a degree of modesty.


Ladies and Gentlemen may wear appropriate golf and tennis attire in the various dining rooms, patio and garden until 7:00 p.m.

  • Whenever there is a dinner meal service, full-length trousers are required
  • Formal: Tuxedos with traditional accessories
  • Optional: Tuxedo with traditional accessories is preferred, but a business suit of appropriate design and color with dress shirt and necktie is acceptable
  • Jacket & Tie: Business suit or slacks and sport jacket with dress shirt and necktie
  • Elegant Casual: Trousers with shirt, long or short sleeve, permitted
  • Casual: Casual trousers,  jeans and Bermuda shorts. Jeans may be worn at casual Sunday dinners throughout the year
  • Ladies are expected and encouraged to wear fashionable, yet appropriate, attire as called for on any giving evening



There is positively no tipping permitted anywhere at the Club, either by members or guests. The only exceptions are functions, such as, weddings, bar mitzvah’s, golf outings, and the like.

Cell Phone Usage

In the interest of ensuring a peaceful environment for our members, we kind ask you (and your guests) to adhere to our newly expanded cell phone policy.

  • Cell phones may be used for emergency or urgent matters on the golf course, except in close proximity to tees and greens, where usage is prohibited.
  • Cell phones may be used in the locker room and card rooms.  They are not permitted elsewhere in the Clubhouse.
  • Cell phones are prohibited on the driving range, except in the cart park area.
  • Cell phones may be used in the pool area, as well as on the pathways surrounding the tennis courts.
  • Cell phones are prohibited in all dining areas, with the exception of the snack bar area of the pool.
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